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Contact Us
Robert Grimm                   President & Poland Springs Carvers       207-647-1223   Raymond, Maine.

Art Chamberlin                 Vice President                                           207-597-2375    Canton, Maine.

Jim Irish                              Treasurer                                                   207-784-2491    Auburn, Maine.

Bernadette Hodgkins       Secretary                                                    207-241-7859    Lewiston, Maine.

Robert Moreau                   Past President/Director at Large           207-897-6840   Livermore Falls, Maine.

Carol Durgin                      Director at Large                                       207-442-7005    Brunswick, Maine.

Jim Wade                             Coastal Carvers                                         207-563-2034    S. Bristol, Maine.

Hariph Smith                      McGaffey Mountain Woodcarvers          207-377-6002    Winthrop, Maine.

Robert H. Perry                   Streaked Mountain Wood Carvers          207-388-2472    Sumner, Maine.

Thomas Cote                      Top of Maine Carvers                               207-325-4258    Limestone, Maine.

Dee Cote                             On the Border Carvers                             207-538-1870    Littleton, Maine.

Art Currano                        Carver Street Carvers                               207- 495-2515   Waterville, Maine

Herb Blake                          Eagle Cane Project Manager                    207-657-4661   New Glouster, Maine.