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Gary Sainio

About ten years ago Gary’s wife signed him up for the “Perky Chickadee” class with Reg Pelliter. Gary enjoyed working with Reg so much that he took 2 or 3 more classes with him. Next he took a power carving class in Rockland. He has carved several birds, leaving most pieces natural. He started carving bark houses with Bob Perry and now he collects cottonwood bark.  He has created some very unusual work out of extremely thin pieces.  His bark houses are imaginative and carefully carved to leave as much of the natural bark as possible.  He follows the bark wherever it leads him.  He takes time in studying the wood and contemplates the waiting possibilities.  As he says, the wood tells him what to do. Some of his newer pieces are fan birds.  Gary suggests that you find something that you like carving because; the more you carve the more you improve.

Gary Sainio
214 Calderwood Road
Washington, ME    04574
(207) 845-2297