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Eagle Cane Project
Honoring Maine's Disabled Veterans

 Originating in Oklahoma, The Eagle Cane Project was introduced in Maine in 2008. A collaborative effort involving Maine Wood Carvers Association and Maine Woodturners, the aim of the project is to present quality, hand-carved and highly personalized Eagle Head Canes to Maine's disabled veterans in recognition and appreciation for their service to our country.
Using tapered dowels purchased locally from Peavey Manufacturing in Eddington, Maine, Maine Woodturners members turn the tenons and adaptors.
Finally the carver assembles the cane, adds the hand-carved eagle head, attaches replicas of the requested medals and ribbons, adds the personalization and applies a finish. Whenever possible, canes are presented in person, accompanied by a certificate of appreciation listing names of all the individuals who helped in creating the cane.

Marcia Berkall, Project Coordinator
South China, Maine 04358

Herb Blake, Project Manager
New Gloucester, Maine  04260

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