Maine Wood Carving Association Chapters

The Maine Woodcarvers Association is organized by chapters. These chapters are located in various locations around the State (See map below). All chapters hold regular meetings and are open to all MWCA members. Guests are always welcome. Each chapter is different (Just like wood carvers); some work on group projects, some focus on individual projects. If you are interested in wood carving, check the individual chapter pages for meeting times and locations and stop in and see what we do.

(There is a contact number for each chapter; it's always best to confirm meeting times and locations: sometimes schedules change and often winter happens).
Coastal Carvers
S. Bristol Maine
McGaffey Mountain Carvers
Vienna Maine
Streaked Mountain Carvers
Sumner Maine
Poland Spring Carvers
Poland Maine
Southern Maine Woodcarvers Guild
South Portland Maine
The Google map above contains information on each chapter, and also list other carving groups that meet around the state. We have also included wood carving classes, because we want to support these carvers and organizations that are teaching the skills of carving to newe people. We encourage new carvers to join the Maine Wood Carvers Association!

MWCA Chapters are marked with a blue pin; other carving groups are in red, and learning locations have purple eagles. 

Note: We try to keep this infromation accurate and current, but sometimes infromation chnages without our knowledge, especially in regards to classes and non-WWCA groups. Please call and confirm before assuming  our information is the most current.

If we've made an error, please use the "Contact Us" button above, so that we can fix our mistakes.