Bird and Study Collection​​

 Kathy Webster, Curator of Birds
 P.O. Box 387
 Sabattus, Maine  04280

Bird Collection and Studies Lending Rules:

Most items in the collection may be borrowed for 3 months.

Study birds must remain the possession of the member who signed for the mount. Papaerwork assigned to the mount    must remain with the mount at all times. 

Study birds should be handled with care as they are fragile.

Study birds may not be placed on display. They should be protected from direct light (i.e., NOT placed in a sunny window!) 

Study birds should be covered with a plastic sheet (or other lightweight material) in order for the bird to remain clean and not  lose color. (Biright, direcvt sunlight will bleach the feathers.)

Renewing collection material:

Most bird and study collection items, unless it is requested by another customer, may be renewed to extend the loan period  up to 3 times.

Members may renew collection material by telephone, by email, or in person.

Limits on the number of items checked out at any given time:

Most members may have up to 5 items checked out at any given time. All items (birds, studies, etc.) contribute to this total.

Requesting library material:

The Curator will send pictures of studies and bird to members upon request.

Members may have up to 5 items on request at a time.

Members are notified that their request is available and being held for them.

Members may choose the method by which they are notified: phone (default) or email.

Requests are held for 8 days.

Members may request that items be mailed directly to their residence and may submit a request via phone, email or in        person.

Returning collection material:

The study bird must be retruned to the Curator when the member who borrowed it is finished with it. Do NOT loan the study bird to another person.

Studies can be returned in person or mailed (priority, insured) to the MWCA Curator of Birds. Birds must be returned in     

Overdue notices:

Members will receive up to 4 notices via phone, email or postal mail. (Method chosen by customer.)
       o   1st notice: sent on the 7th day after an item is due
       o   2nd notice: sent 7 days after 1st notice sent
       o   3rd notice: sent 7 days after 2nd notice sent
       o   Final: sent 7 days after 3rd notice; lost date.

 Lost/unreturned items:

 Members will be responsible for paying the full cost charged by MWCA for any lost/unreturned or damaged bird or study.

If you have any questions, please don't hestitate to ask!
EMail the Curator